Why SEO is an Investment

When it comes to your marketing budget, of course, you need to spend it wisely, weigh up all the options and base it not only on budget but on your resources and business goals.

That said, it is safe to say that if you are looking for any success online, SEO should be one of the first services you invest in, and in this article, we give you a few of the many reasons to why.

Serves you better in the long run.

An unoptimised website will not perform as well as one that has. Why? Because no thought would have gone into the user journey, the intent of the copy would not have been in mind, and there is a chance that it could be slow and unresponsive. Yes SEO is the lifeblood of a website, you can’t build a site anymore without ticking off as many of the basic requirements that search engines look for which include (but are not excluded to):

And this is just at the build stage. Once the site is live, search engines also look for:

If you are doing this, then your trust levels with the search engines go up (AKA Domain Authority) as does your discover-ability.

Organic traffic is often the primary source of website traffic.

“74,623 Google searches in 1 second” May 2019

If you look at your analytics, in most cases, the primary source of traffic is from search. For this to continue and to get conversions from this traffic, you need to ensure that you are keeping on top of your SEO and carrying out the regular practices that search engines AND customers now expect.

Yes, this means blogging, vlogging, podcasting and more. But all of this needs to be on your site to draw in the traffic and compelling enough to keep users there and browsing. Google is tracking the viewing and browsing of each user with most of those in the top 10 results holding on to users for more than 3 minutes.

Often businesses that blog regularly receive a large proportion of return visitors who do consume then bounce off. So businesses need to work out what to do to keep them on their site for the magic three minutes, to take action and turn them into ambassadors of your content and sharing it into their network to draw in new readers (and potential customers).


Ongoing SEO services are cheap in comparison to paid search. While the initial investment to get a website up to scratch can seem a lot (and this can vary depending on the amount of work required), the results will keep coming in after the initial work is carried out and a plan can be made to keep growing. So the only further result is more ROI.

With paid search, if your website doesn’t have decent content to link back to, you will pay more for a result. You may get an initial result quicker, but you would have paid for that and still not invested in your site, meaning you get stuck in that loop of paying more and more for the same results over a period of time. There is no off button to optimised websites. They work hard as long as the tick most of the SEO boxes. So once you have invested in a piece of content it will always work hard for you while it meets the criteria.

Builds trust and authority within your industry and with customers.

As people become savvier about SEO, there are other cues that they look for, for different reasons:

  • Customers: They will look for your content. What you write about, your values, even who you are and what you have achieved so far.
  • Partners: While they will also look at what your customers look at, they will also look and see if you practice what you preach. And, for those extra savvy business owners, where link opportunities may present themselves, they will also check out Domain Authority.
  • Future employees: Are you the type of company that they want to work for? Do you showcase your values? Where have you been featured? Who do you work with or sell to?

Easy to track.

It is easy to monitor how your website and SEO is performing if you know where to look and what the information is telling you. Part of an SEO specialists role is looking at the data and planning the next move. The role also involves troubleshooting, so if there is a dip for some reason, they will have several tactics up their sleeve to try and get your site back on track.

With free tools such as search console, you can continuously monitor how your website is doing and whether it is going in the right direction. But always have your business goals in mind. It is all well and good ranking #1 for various keywords and drawing in traffic, but if they are not converting, it is a fruitless task.

Ever changing & not going anywhere.

SEO isn’t going anywhere. It is evolving more and more each day with AI becoming more sophisticated and voice search more common. And so by not investing in it now, you will end up spending even more in the early stages in the future.

In truth, SEO is a never-ending task. Tasks based on, what can we do right now that will gain the best results in the quickest possible time, then working on the other elements from there. But by having it at the core of your website and the heart of online activities you do from the moment it is live, you will receive a welcome ROI.

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