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what is mixed content

Mixed content refers to a mix of secure and non-secure resources on a website. When a secure webpage tries to load resources (for example images) that are not secure, it will result in “mixed content” and will result in your site displaying as not secure.

When mixed content can occur

Mixed content happens when there is both HTTP (insecure) and HTTPS (secure) content loads on the same web page. This is common when a website has applied an SSL certificate and has a library of content that was uploaded prior to their certificate being applied.

How do I know if a website has mixed content?

Modern web browsers display warnings of mixed content to indicate to the user that the page contains ‘unsafe’ content. You can tell whether a site is secure by identifying a small padlock next to the web address. As users become savvier and are bombarded with messages to read this blog or buy this product, they may use this reason to NOT engage with your business.

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Threats and weaknesses

A non-secure webpage poses many different threats to not only your business, but especially your users.

Mixed content left undealt with can end up being a security risk. Without securing all your content, users could be at risk of having their data monitored or worse – stolen. Even if no data is taken, with such focus on cybersecurity now, when a user sees several warnings from the browser telling them the page is not 100% secure, you and your business will look unprofessional and untrustworthy.

Pages that are not secure will expose you to a number of threats. The most common is hacking, which presents itself in many ways; from changing the design and offerings on your site to random links injected into your web pages. Either way, having an unsecured website that is hackable will massively affect your SEO score. And if the worst does happen, you will have a lot of work to do to regain your trust level and rankings.

The difference in mixed content

Passive mixed content: Passive mixed content is content that is unable to influence the page around it – for example, images on your site.

Active mixed content: Active mixed content is content that can manipulate the page around it, such as javascript coding.

Web Browsers are becoming secure

Web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer are making more of an effort to become secure and protect their users from security errors. They do so by sharing warnings, labels, and other visual clues that pop up when a user visits an insecure website. Sometimes, they will not load a page at all, or will avoid loading some of the pages if they seem insecure.

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How to fix your website

To ensure you have and keep the https small padlock icon located by the web address on your browser, keep regularly checking your website for codes, links and third-party plugins to ensure there are no mixed content faults. It is important that you focus on your visitors’ user experience by allowing them to browse a fully-secured website.

The only way to prevent mixed content blocking is to redirect all HTTP content to load over HTTPS.

For your domain, serve all content as HTTPS and fix your links. Often, the HTTPS version of the content already exists, and this requires adding an “s” to internal links and image URLs – http:// to https:// or re-upload the image once your ssl has been installed.

The only way is HTTPS

For other domains, make sure to use the site’s HTTPS version if possible. If HTTPS is not available, you can try contacting the domain and asking them if they can make the content available via HTTPS. If this is not an option, we highly recommend adding a ‘no-follow code’ when linking to them, to prevent any penalisation to you from Google.

While dealing with mixed content may seem like a huge job (especially if you have a well established website) the possible consequences of not doing this work could end up being more costly in the long run. Our advice is to set aside some time each week to review your site and update its mixed content now.

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