Scaling up at speed.

Why WordPress is the perfect platform for ‘The Pivot.’

Static sites turned into paid membership platforms. Brochure sites transforming into online shops, cafe’s taking online/contactless orders – you name it, WordPress empowers you to scale and fast. 

We design, build and optimise websites and very often stay with the client building strategies and executing tactical campaigns. Commonly the website is central to this activity or at least is where the ‘conversion‘ happens – and so it’s in our best interests to understand how to build agile sites that work hard. 

So in recent weeks when asked:

  • I have a) can you make it do b).
  • I need to start something new.
  • How can I adapt this to generate income online?

We know what questions to ask. We know where to start and most importantly, we have a back pocket full of tried and tested plugins to help us get the job done, avoiding prohibitive development costs. 

This is what we’ve learned.


Scaling Up Online 101

Knowing what we know (and are learning all the time) here’s our top considerations when you’re looking to scale up at speed. All of the below will need to be included in the brief if you are outsourcing. 

Of course, if you have the budget and resources, you only need to outline the what, why and when and set up any payment gateways and task your agency (and lawyers) to do the rest. 


What, Why & When.

I know this seems too obvious but sit down and consider what you are trying to do. Answer in simple terms: what, why and when (by) – expand upon this with for who and for how much?


Process Process Process.

Map out the new process, pages and functionality. What do you want X to do? What is the result you are looking for? We LOVE using LucidCharts to help us map processes & site structures. 


Considering Content

What content do you need to fill this process? Do you need text/video/images to support this new function? Who is going to create it?


Check the fin & tech.

Make sure your hosting and scripts are running up to date and can handle what you’re about to throw at it. 

If you are going to be using a payment gateway, make sure you have the correct accounts set up & familiarise yourself with any charging structures in place. 


Security & GDPR.

Introducing something new is the perfect time to reassess your GDPR and security compliance, especially if new products and services involve processing personal data.

The ICO website is the place to go to help you understand your obligations when it comes to personal data. 



If there are any changes to how you are handling data or changes to your website terms, specific terms for your new online product or service you will need to update the relevant policies on your website – Privacy / Cookies / Terms of Service / Cancellation.


Agree to Timeframes.

The above list highlights that powerful change isn’t often turned around in the click of a button. So set realistic milestones and sign off deadlines. Or, as we often do, build in phases. What do you need to launch? What can then come after?


What’s next?

While the above list provides a high-level overview, it may still seem daunting if “I only wanted to start selling online training” (for example), but they will ensure you’re putting your right, compliant, technically proficient foot forward.

The trick to scaling at speed is to divide and conquer by outsourcing each element to the experts. 

We have put together a scaling up plan to help you bring clarity to an idea. You can start yours today with no obligation here.




Get your thoughts down and complete a scaling-up plan.


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