Why asking your friends and family to share your content is not a sensible marketing strategy

You may have seen a post doing the rounds encouraging friends and family to support a small business for free on social media.

And while we all want our loved ones and inner circle to support us, there are a few reasons to be cautious about asking them to like/share/shout out, and this blog is going to quickly cover why.

Not your business tribe.

The main reason you want to refrain from getting your aunt and their dog to share your content is that they may not be your target market. Why is this relevant? Website cookies and social media algorithms are harvesting data on who interacts with you all the time, to ensure that only those types of people see your content.

Can you see the problem here?

If you sell a very niche service or product that is not for everyone, this marketing strategy is not going to serve you well.

By asking your nearest and dearest to support you in this way can inflict more harm than good, as the demographics that are interacting with your site or social media may not be the right people. You’ll see increased engagement, sure. But will they convert?

Short term gain. Long term costs.

So how do you redress the balance? The easiest way is to get your content in front of the right people, by sharing your content where they “hang out”. The quickest way of targeting specific groups is through paid advertising. However if all engagement to date has been via friends and family  it may mean your paid advertising takes longer to gain traction as the audience data that Facebook will be working with will be skewed.

So take a step back, and ask yourself who is your target audience? If you have people in your network who absolutely match your ideal customer, of course, ask them for some support. But be careful before asking everyone on your friends list, as it may cost you more to reach the right people in the long run.


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