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Six types of campaigns which encourage social media engagement

Social media platforms are constantly moving the goalposts when it comes to what generates social media engagement. The only thing which remains consistent is the need to get those all important likes, comments and shares. Whether you prefer Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, with Social Media Day just a few days away, here’s our tips on what types of campaign should spell success.


This is a great way to create a buzz around a brand. Everyone loves a freebie, especially your social media followers who are already fans of your brand. Offer a worthwhile prize package which is relative to the value of your products. Choose your entry mechanic – for example, one of the most popular methods is to encourage people to share a photo. This is particularly powerful if coupled with the use of a specific hashtag.

The hashtag helps you to track entries. It also expands the reach of your corporate identity if it is a branded hashtag or taps into target audiences if it is more generic. If your competition includes data capture such as name, address or email details, ensure your terms and conditions outline GDPR compliance. Also, check the competition guidelines for each platform you intend to use so you’re running activity within their own terms and conditions too.

Customised or personalised content 

Big brands have had huge success by creating personalised products or social media content. From the ‘Share a Coke’ campaign to Expedia’s ‘Travel Yourself Interesting’ campaign and Burberry’s Pinterest campaign, they all drive social media engagement.

They can also drive results offline too, the ‘Share A Coke’ campaign being a particularly strong example of social media engagement supporting sales. Interactions, such as photo shares of those Coke bottles with names on, were organically curated, a marketing win in itself. It also gave Coca-Cola Co its first growth in sales for a decade.

Think about how your brand could create something personal and unique – whether in reality or through an app or generator. Choose one or two hashtags to use alongside it. Launch across your digital channels and see that social media engagement – and conversions – rolling in. However, ensure you think through how your campaign could be used as even industry-leading brands can get it wrong, as Walkers learnt the hard way last year.

Tag a friend 

This is such a quick and easy way to encourage social media engagement with your campaign. Some people may be wary to share a post from a company or brand on their own page. However, you can achieve similar engagement with a call to action to tag a friend in the comments. This will boost your organic reach, potentially introduce you to new audiences and help further brand loyalty – all within a few seconds. A very popular choice at the moment are ‘names most likely to …’ memes or infographics.

Account takeovers 

Account takeovers are a great example of influencer marketing. This lets someone who is trusted and respected in the eyes of your target audience to do the talking for you. This could take a variety of forms including live Q&As, live streaming events, live tweeting or sharing behind-the-scenes images. It could be anything which uniquely reflects the personality, industry and the creativity of the person fronting the takeover.

Find out who is popular with your existing audiences – you could maybe run a Twitter poll to get the answer to this question – get that perfect match on board and breathe some fresh air into your social media engagement. Alternatively, you may want to run an employee takeover to provide insight into your brand and company culture. Or, you could let a customer run the takeover to illustrate how they use your product or service in the real-world. Research has shown that 94% of those who use influencer marketing have found it effective for their social media engagement.

Social Challenges

Unless you didn’t log onto any social media platform throughout the summer of 2014, you will have come across the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. Despite this being run by an American charity, it quickly filled up news feeds on this side of the pond too with high social media engagement of the popular concept. It raised an amazing $115 million for the charity and led to many organisations aiming to emulate the success. The no makeup selfie earned £7 million for Cancer Research UK in the same year. The Mannequin Challenge soon followed with videos of celebrities like Ellen DeGeneres going viral. Whilst there has been some controversy around more dangerous pranks being done for a social media post, if you keep it safe, simple and aligned to your brand, you will see your social media engagement benefit.

Casting Contest

In a world where anyone on social media can be a star, a casting contest allows your supporters and customers to become just that. Give them the opportunity to be brand advocates. This sort of contest can use various engagement tools as a competition mechanic – likes, share a picture or video, tag a friend – anything which aligns with your brand and messaging. For example, a beauty brand could do a casting call for someone to run beauty tutorials on their website. This peer-to-peer selling brings brand authenticity which would be almost impossible otherwise – a study found 90% of consumers trust peer recommendations over advertisements.

Social media is full of opportunities to boost engagement in a rich number of ways. Whether you’re delivering content to your audiences or getting them involved in creating their own, it’s a fun, innovative and interactive way to converse with your audiences which can ultimately drive conversions and those all-important sales.

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