Well-executed social media campaigns allow you to build relationships, engage communities and raise brand awareness. Use the power of ‘social’ to share your message, drive website traffic while communicating directly with your customers and clients. This creates BIG returns through more leads, therefore promoting sales and revenue.


Analysis, insight, planning & strategy.

The Typeface Group offers one-off social media audits of your accounts, as well as training on how to read your analytics. For more in-depth help, our consultancy packages allow you to pick our brains each month, based on your monthly reports. We then put together a robust social media strategy for the month or quarter ahead.


Consistent, on-brand & measured.

Our social media campaign support is the perfect option for those that have a promotion or event coming up and require a bespoke social media campaign to be implemented. Coupled with our other tactical marketing services, our social media support can ensure that the right messages are going out at the right time, and no opportunity is missed.


Team engagement, insights, evaluation and brainstorming.

Our consultancy service helps shape your social media and content strategy for use in-house. It is based on your business goals and supports your company throughout specific campaigns.

The primary aim of this service is to ensure that your social media marketing is carried out effectively with intelligence, and creates a brand experience that mirrors your business objectives and values.

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Content and Social Media Predictions 2020

As a team, we are constantly improving and updating the technologies we use. We’re not stuck in our ways and we constantly evolve and change how we do things to keep up to date with trends.

How to host a successful tweetchat

For those of you who are not sure what we mean by ‘tweetchats’, these are networking sessions held on twitter using a # to discuss topics or share knowledge.

Crisis Communications – planning for the worst

Crisis. One hears that word and thinks of disaster, large scale incidences and more. Large companies such as Shell or Apple will have extensive crisis communication plans, ready and waiting for any disaster of any scale. However, there will be many SMEs who think they don’t need one simply due to the size of their business.


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