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This blog is about how SEO and SEM are intrinsically linked if you want good results. The long-short of it is that they both perform better when they used together. So that is what we are going to cover. 


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SEO, as we know, is the foundation of online activity to draw in your consumers. It doesn’t sit neatly into one pot. It touches every element of work you do digitally from website design, and development through to your content creation and employees social media profiles. 

SEM is the paid advertising you do to draw in customers via search engines such as Google and Bing ads. 

We know many businesses that have gone into SEM without checking or investing in their ongoing (or any) SEO. And while the ROI is measurable and quick, they often become indebted to these methods. We would all love to make a quick buck, wouldn’t we? 

But like everything, those dreams are short-lived. The internet is a busier place and, although we have been saying it for years, it is becoming more apparent that without investing in SEO, your SEM will suffer in the long term. Fact. 


Here are just two ways how:

No new content = no new keywords = high PPC rates and bids.


Depending on the last time you refreshed your site depends on what you might want to do.

  1. What keywords was your site originally optimised to – have you looked at these since? Are they in line with your SEM work? The two need to work together.
  2. Review the copy on your site regularly. Without keyword stuffing or writing content for the sake of trying to reduce your CPC, are your using keywords that are from your SEM strategy?
  3. Cornerstone content. Are you writing authoritative content? That could be where you send your ads to. This is an easy way to:
    • add new keywords to your site,
    • try new landing pages for your ads,
    • reducing your CPC and (hopefully) increasing conversions.

High bounce rate = High CPC

This is both an SEM and SEO issue. And if your SEM bounce rate is high and you are sending traffic loads of people to the site who bounce back off again, you will:

  • negatively impact your current rankings, 
  • increase bid and
  • increase CPC!


Look at your user journey, web page design and how the internal navigation is working (or not). There is no magic formula, but the SEO recommendations are to keep it simple, keep it quick and keep people informed.

70-80% of users ignore sponsored search results. (Search Engine Land) 

So while we are avoiding bashing SEM – it has its place – ignoring SEO means you could be missing out on A LOT of customers (and sales).


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