Why Emails are worth their weight in gold

Email Marketing

The simplest solution is the best solution (The rule of parsimony). Email is the simplest solution.” Paul Shriner, co-host of Email Geeks Drinking Coffee. 

Keeping it simple we’re going to share the stats from two emails sent out over the last two weeks to illustrate the power of email when it feels like you’re up sh*t creek without a paddle.


B2C/Retail emails


Perhaps you’re a shop on the high-street or a blended store – both brick and mortar and online. With the closure of non-essential shops for browsing, we turn to click and collect, postal deliveries and courier services, as such you must communicate with your customers (consent isn’t always needed here) to let them know how they can continue to shop with you.

Note. A social media update to this effect in isolation just isn’t enough. 

Here we have two real-life examples of emails sent in the last two weeks.

Recently we’ve run two kinds of campaigns for two different clients:

  • Keep Attacking, a sportswear retailer, needed to communicate about a system change that affected their customers. 
  • The Frame, a gallery based in Odiham, who needed to update their customers with how they can continue to show during lockdown.

Keep Attacking saw a 39% open rate over their six-hour batch send. Here’s the critical breakdown for this send:

  • Purpose: Communicate core changes to how Keep Attacking handles data and announce new systems
  • Sent to 1216 emails, with no previous engagement data. Delivered rate of 95.6%, which is higher than anticipated for such a send.
  • International send. We batch sent over six hours to ensure that people spread across the globe got it at a time that suited them.
  • Simple layout. With only one image, clear buttons and well-spaced text, we got the message out in an easy to digest format. 

With The Frame, we had a much shorter email to send. We used three headings to provide a summary of the concise copy within. It performed higher than the average email for The Frame, with an open rate of 37% and a click rate of 7.6% within 24 hours of sending.


What to consider when sending retail/B2C emails


  • Keep it simple. Reduce the faff and fuss; people want to know what they’re getting from your email as soon as they open it.
  • Don’t bombard them with emails. Nothing is more infuriating than having an inbox flooded with junk. Keep your emails concise, useful and relevant, and people will love you for that.
  • Email provides a £23-£30 ROI (on average, depending on what source you look at) for every pound spent. It’s highly rewarding.

Email is about sending communications DIRECTLY to the people you want to talk to, rather than spraying and praying through social media. Think about the individual reading your email, what value do they get out of it? What are you telling them that they may want to know?

Tip number four: Send your emails to segments. Unless you have to, don’t email your entire list, especially if it’s a larger one. Send to more engaged people, send to those who have bought from you. Address people and make it personal.


B2B emaiL


If you’re subscribed to our email list, you will have received an offer from Natalie about a free 30-minute consultation.

We kept the email short, sweet and to the point. It was 150 words (152 if you want to be specific). It outlined what we were offering and a clear CTA at the bottom. On a desktop, you didn’t need to scroll. It’s one of our best ever performing emails, with a 41.82% open rate and a 17.39% click rate within 24 hours of sending.


Our tips for sending B2B email


  • Be empathetic where you can. But don’t be negative. We all know the current world is a heaping pile of cow dung.
  • Don’t overthink your design. Like we said about B2C, simplicity is king.
  • People already have emails on their phones, and for B2B, are likely to check them for work. Use it to communicate to a closed, engaged audience who are going to want a summary of everything, with links to more detailed content.


Domain top tips


If you haven’t sent an email for a while, here are our recommendations.

  • Firstly, clean your list. Get rid of old contacts that don’t have consent, misspelt ones and the like.
  • Evenly split the people you want to send to over a few days, this way, you can try and avoid spiking on your IP and showing spammy tendencies.
  • If you’re B2B sending, beware of Outlook. They have a 9-month engagement policy, i.e. if you send to someone who hasn’t opened an email for more than nine months, they’ll potentially deem you spammy. We don’t want that.

If you’re struggling for inspiration, fill out this short form to book in a 20-minute email checkup with Kitty, at no cost. It’s the least we can do in these strange times.




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