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Five reasons for having
professional product shots

“I’m sure it’ll be fine if I take my own product shots.”

If you have a good camera or the most recent camera phone and know what you sell, then you might reach the conclusion that taking the product shots yourself will save you money. But despite your ability and enthusiasm, you need to consider what impression of your brand you are projecting with product shots that are professional. And when you’re setting up, taking, editing and saving these images, are there other things you could be spending your time on?

Every business needs photography, whether you’re selling a product or service, and professional product shots are an investment.

Here are our top 5 reasons to invest in product shots:

1. You will look better than the competition.

When you’re selling against other retailers or service providers, your offering needs to look better than theirs. In business first impressions do count.  A professional photographer will know how to make your product or service look its best in every photo, working with your brand guidelines.

2. Your images need to be clickable, likeable and interesting.

Need a unique image for your recent blog? Viola, here are a hundred, all relevant and no need to find that ‘perfect’ stock image.

3. PR Darling

If you are paying for PR, or looking to get your product or service into the public eye, having a range of high-resolution and quality product shots at your fingertips ensures you can send over a variety as soon as a lead appears. A media outlet will usually ask for images that are above 2MB and are at least 500PPI. A professional will ensure all product shots meet this specification, so you won’t have to think twice before submitting them. Better images alongside high-quality content dramatically increase your chance of getting that feature.

4. Your website is a window to your business.

Customers will want to be persuaded by quality, consistency and variety. Of course, each product or service needs to be shown from a variety of angles. From a design perspective, you can also use professional photography for your banners, backgrounds and blog images.

5. Good product shots demand more than a camera.

A professional photographer has a lighting setup, backgrounds, camera accessories, experience and the TIME to get the best from each product, as well as the ability to retouch and edit in post-production.

What to do next.

Want to book in a shoot? Then preparation is absolutely key. There are so many things to consider which includes:

  • Location(s). So that images are split over numerous backgrounds or areas.
  • Props. Your products will be enhanced by what is around them in the images. Think about the colours present in your brand and wider advertising.
  • Timeless V Trendy. Try to choose timeless items, as well as some on-trend looks.
  • Select wisely and ensure you have a varied selection for the photographer to use.
  • Prep the products so they are clean, unblemished and in the best possible condition.
  • If you’re using models, ensure they are following any clothing or aesthetic guidelines; think about close-ups when it comes to hands, faces etc.
  • Think outside the box. A photographer will always have fresh ideas, but you know your product or service best, so plan some unique setups that will blow your competition out of the water.
  • Work on a shot list with the photographer. This way you won’t forget anything and will make time for all the required shots.
  • Practice! Have a go at setting up yourself, and make a note of good angles, where you need light, and which props work with which products.

Our corporate photography services are flexible, recommended and good value. We can come to you, but also have a studio set up in Basingstoke. We liaise with you to ensure the brand is captured perfectly.


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