How to get press coverage without using traditional PR techniques

Writing a press release has no guarantee of press coverage and rejection is often part and parcel of the process.

PR is a tough game to master. Having a great relationship with journalists seems impossible when you are first starting out.

The fact of the matter is that you need a special story to get any press coverage these days and what might seem like big news for your business, won’t often be to journalists.

Saying that here’s a few ways to increase your chances! The Typeface Group have a few tips and tricks to get you started.

Stalk and talk

Stalk journalists online, but don’t be creepy of course! Do some digging and find out which publications they write for; chances are they write for more than one, and have other coverage opportunities on offer for you or a client. Research journalists and connect with them on social media… What trends are they talking about? Who do they write for? What is their style?

We recommend organising these valuable contacts into Twitter lists. That way you can keep track of what’s going on, and you don’t even have to follow them if you don’t want to seem too forward. Comment and share their content to build a relationship with them. This will also make it easier for journalists to find you on social media.

Make your profiles journalist-friendly

What would a journalist look for on networks like LinkedIn? Experts in X, people that can offer comments in Y? They want short simple and straight to the point descriptions. Be clear about what you do from the get go; they are more likely to get in touch with someone who does so as opposed to someone who writes an overly complicated bio that doesn’t directly let you know what they do.

Be easily contactable! Have all your details in the places that journalists (and prospect customers) would expect to find them. In your Twitter profile’s, LinkedIn contact information, website, Facebook page, wherever you make it easy for anyone to get in touch. Journalists are on a deadline; they do not have time to find you they will go to whoever can be found first!

Upload videos on your channels. Journalists can then decipher whether you’re fit for television coverage. They are looking for confidence and clear communication skills when presented in front of a camera.

Most journalists favour Twitter and LinkedIn. They are looking for people and personalities who are easy to contact. They crave diversity. Use personal profile pictures and always make sure to include some form of contact details in your bio so they can easily get in touch.


Newsjacking is a beautiful thing. It’s the name for jumping on stories that are already in the news. Have a list of national days relevant to your business and keep one eye on the news and Twitter to jump on that golden opportunity quickly. Journalists need a hook. Research trends in the media and newsjack with well-written copy and high-resolution images, they like it when their job is made easier.

‘Tell stories people want to hear, rather than ones you want to tell.’

Go for opportunities that get your business out there without it being directly about your business. Journalists are not interested in your business per ce; they just want to know if you have a story relevant to what they’re asking for. This doesn’t mean that it can’t relate back to your business in a roundabout way. 

Look around the edges of your brand!

Hobbies, relationships, work, money, family, life and death, can all tell a story that may not be directly about your business, but somewhere in there, you may be able to slip in a mention. Tell stories related to your business in some way. Do you offer a unique way of working? Are your sales methods unique and successful? Find areas that allow you to mention your business without it being the subject.


Connect with writers who are already looking for help with stories! It will open a gateway to a wider range of contacts, and you can build relationships on a much more personal level through social media. The hashtag ‘#journorequest’ is such a useful tool and can be found through twitter. Simply search and find a never-ending list of journalist requests that you may be able to help with.

Sound simple? It can be but make sure that you have time to invest into it, and your business is PR ready.

Considering of dipping your toe into the world of PR? The Typeface Group run a successful Press Office function to help your business grow in the public eye. Call us on 01256 614921 for more information.

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