3 ways facilities management companies can improve their off & online marketing activities

There are not many marketing avenues that facilities management companies are not utilising. From online marketing activities such as social media through to offline trade press articles, the nature of their business means that there is always something to say. So why does it always seem so PR driven?

By that, we mean much of their off and online marketing activities are faceless. The human element of this industry seems to get lost. Yet, to be successful and thriving in this customer-based industry, you need to be human and push the focus onto your customers.

In this post, we give three ways in which facilities management companies can up their game.

Brand Ambassadors

Recruiting brand ambassadors is not just for consumer brands. Facilities management companies can benefit from choosing and nurturing their own ultimate supporter network too.

These ambassadors can be made up of:

  1. Internal members of staff at various tiers throughout an organisation
  2. Loyal customers
  3. Trusted suppliers

Let’s break those down.


We are firm believers that making the most of your staff is often one of the most effective ways to get people to connect with your brand. Employee advocacy naturally brings in that all-important human element to bring marketing to life with an injection of personality.

To make it work, ensure that you have people at all tiers of the business involved in marketing. Involve those who work and speak directly with customers who can give insight to day-to-day life work for the business, Also, turn to those people who sit higher up in your organisation to talk about the company’s culture and to provide authoritative thought leadership. Ideally, every department should have someone promoting what they do to make your business marketing multi-faceted and rich with content.


Imagine if your marketing team was in constant contact with your client’s marketing team to work out a cross-promotional plan that allows both sides to mutually benefit from the activity. By doing this, you can forge longer-term relationships, whilst possibly sharing some of the marketing costs when it comes to paid marketing elements, such as digital advertising.

Nothing gives your business a more positive nod than your customers naturally, organically and conversationally talking about you – and this is one key way to do just that.


Your suppliers of equipment, staff or other business services would be eternally grateful for an endorsement from a reputable brand, such as your company. So, why not set up some workable ways to make your marketing reciprocal. Keep hold of that human element but have a basic partner’s promotional process to hand so you can ensure that both parties take advantage of interactions either online or in person.

PR – Not only look outside the box, step out of it.

Whilst having an article in industry press, such as FMJ, shows how amazing you are to your peers and potential employees, does this bring in business? This approach will grow your brand awareness and possibly put you in front of the internal FM at that huge company you would love to work with. But, if you want to work with someone that really needs your help, you need to find them by other means.

Firstly, you need to know who your market is and what they want. Then, work out where to find them –  what do they read, watch and congregate? Follow up with a strategic plan to ensure that they start to see and connect with your brand. This may mean:

  • Looking at other press avenues that are industry specific to automotive or warehousing, or looking at local and targeted business press
  • Utilising online adverts to push a relevant case study in front of similar businesses
  • Ensuring that you cater your content marketing plan to answer common questions, address issues or give advice for this market segment
Whatever it may be, the point is that by the company no longer thinking about itself, and shifting this focus to you the market, you will have a higher chance of success.

Integrated marketing campaigns

Often, marketing activities for a typical facilities management company feel like a tick box exercise. Places that ad [tick]. Exhibited at that event [tick]. Sent out a tweet [tick]. This may be without much thought at how these activities need to work in harmony in a marketing mix to produce a result.

This happens because there are no set goals or no true communication between the stakeholders. To really make everything work, there needs to be a focus. Then, there needs to be a plan, which will include all the marketing tools you need to succeed. Keep these off or online marketing activities aligned with your end goal, and don’t forget to measure their success.

These are three ways that facilities management companies can improve their off and online marketing activities and ROI. It all comes down to:

  • Evaluating what you have done and if any of it has worked
  • Being able to set marketing goals based on the overall business goal
  • Communication and collaboration between teams, customers and supplies.
  • Looking at the tools you need to meet your goals, rather than just the ones you have

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