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Marketing action check list for businesses
during isolation or quiet times

Marketing actions to consider during isolation or quiet times.


Millions of small business owners, customer-facing roles and workers are now faced with the reality of uncertain income for the foreseeable future. News about the pandemic can be overwhelming, and for some, it is becoming increasingly difficult to remain calm and focused, both personally and professionally.

First of all, take a moment to breathe, refresh your brain and calm. 

In the weeks ahead.

If you find yourself incredibly quiet, closed or isolated, we have put together a practical checklist of tasks that you can work through during downtime.




Natalie / Reach 

1. Update your Google My Business and make sure you link up your Bing listing to it. This simple update will improve discoverability, shares updated information and supports local SEO.

2. Do some personal branding. Do you have any experiences that you can share? Can you support your local or business community at this time? Not only will doing this give you a focus, but it won’t hurt your reputation either. Keep an eye on #journorequest and join the FeatureME Facebook group to see if you or your business can get any coverage.

Polly / Website

1. Complete a user experience review or even better, ask someone that isn’t familiar with your website to work through the user journeys and note any friction points. This will give you a to do list of front-end and possibly process changes that you can work through. 

2. Read your analytics – learn what people are doing when they visit your site. There is a wealth of free training resources from Google here:

Shannon / SEO

1. A page at a time. Go through your parent pages (and then deeper pages and posts) check that meta descriptions are enticing and explain what the user is about to see. Apply these then the alt tags of the images also found on the page to save time!

2. Back-link growth. Research authoritative websites and articles where you would feel you have “better” content then articles that are already linked. Then, if you’re feeling confident pitch yours in the hope they switch the link. It’s a long game, but something that will keep you busy and pay-off in the long run.

Naomi / Social Media

1. Take time to look at the profiles for each of your networks. Are they “on brand” in terms of look and message? Up to date with content? Completed? 

2. Refresh your skills. There is a raft of free training out there. From Hootsuite, buffer and more. Look to upskill on your key platforms to get more from your time.

Chloe / Content

1. Get planning! A lot of people mention to us that they don’t have the time to write and plan their marketing communications. Use this time to audit the past including what worked and what didn’t to then plan your content for the next few weeks or months.  

2. Then use your plan to keep in front of your audience. While you might need to change the messaging slightly to reflect the current situation, you can still post top-quality content and get yourself seen. 

Kitty / Email 

1. Have a clean! You may have email lists that are months old that you don’t use. Check for consent to receive marketing in that list and build a list of those that don’t to cross-reference and delete. 

2. Look at your block and bounce records! Are there repeat offenders that appear frequently? Remove them from your lists to protect your domain. If you’ve got misspelt emails that need amending, contact said person and let them know there is an error. 

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