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Independent Retailers Month – Social Media Challenge

July sees another Independent retailers month come around which was born to give voice to, well, independent retailers.

And so to celebrate this month, we have put together a 31-day social media challenge for all indie businesses. This challenge is for retailers and service providers to enable you to get the most out July via the social airwaves.

#theindieway challenge

We have split the challenge to work for indie retailers and service providers, with a full 31 days of suggested online content for retailers that tend to work all week, and a Monday – Friday challenge for service led businesses that tend to operate Monday to Friday. That said nothing is stopping the keen service based businesses using the weekend suggestions!

How to take part

The idea is that you use the prompts to support your social activities across Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn during July using #theindieway as the hashtag to find, connect and engage with your fellow independent businesses and show them some support.

Hints and tips

The main aim is to have some fun, but we do have some simple do’s and don’ts in taking part.


  • Feel free to share this challenge with anyone that you think it will help and enjoy it.
  • Use #theindieway in each update & post and follow the hashtag on Instagram
  • Comment on other posts from accounts that are joining in or share their update on relevant platforms
  • Follow and connect with other independent businesses that you are genuinely interested in and want to engage with
  • Look at your social media stats before the challenge starts and then after to see what effect taking part had on your business.


  • Use this to follow and then promptly unfollow independent businesses
  • Forget to use the #theindieway in your posts
  • Start to spam the #

For more information on social media etiquette, you can take a look at one of our most popular posts.

How do we get the challenge?

The challenge is posted above for you to save, share and get planning – it will also be shared via all our social media accounts over the coming days.

We can not wait to get started. We loved to see who is joining us on the 1st of July to showcase #theindieway.


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