Human to Human Marketing

The phrase H2H or Human to Human is not a new one to marketers. Coined by Bryan Kramer in 2014,  Bryan shared a slide during a keynote speech which went viral, stating:

“There is no more B2B or B2C. It’s H2H: Human to Human.”

So much to do, so little time

As the demand increases on our time both personally and professionally, consumers want to see businesses taking the time to interact with them directly.

There is a never-ending selection of technology for businesses to automate, segment, and target with their digital marketing.  However, too much automation can take your eye off what is important – your customers! People no longer want to be sold to – they want to be listened to.  If you are not directly interacting with the people looking to purchase your product or service, you are not going to get the results your business deserves.

[bctt tweet=”71% of consumers who have had a good social media service experience with a brand are likely to recommend it to others. (Source: Ambassador)” username=”typefacegroup”]

TIP: If a person comments on your business’ update, do not miss the opportunity to interact with them.  Whether that comment is positive, negative or indifferent. Show that your business is listening, willing to engage and eager to resolve any issues.  

Make sure you have a google alert set up with variations of your business name and key players within your business to ensure you are notified when someone mentions your business online.

Building relationships with customers takes time.

There is no doubt about that, but it will be worth it! Be authentic with your customers and have natural conversations with them. Also, look close to home. Your employees can become your biggest advocates. Make sure you utilise them, and their activities are backed up with clear brand guidelines and a social media policy. We promise it will bring rewards.

The 2019 Dynamic Signal Customer Impact Study found that Employee Advocacy programs by customers resulted, on average, in 106 percent increase in social media reach, 39 percent increase in brand awareness, and 12 percent improvement in online reviews.

Write it, and they will come

The human to the human connection can no longer be overlooked when formulating a marketing strategy.  It is imperative that you do your research to ensure you are writing and sharing content that your customer wants.

It is not a case of telling your customers what they want to hear – share with them the answers to the questions they are looking for. Your blog is the perfect place to do just this. Write your blogs based on keyword research. Be consistent with when you share your blogs, and you will build that coveted loyal following. New customers will find you (and your website) simply because you are writing content based on what people are searching for.

That being said, be flexible. React to what is happening on a daily basis and if you need to bump that scheduled blog then do it.

TIP: Use a cloud-based spreadsheet such as Google sheet to plot blog and content ideas. Also have national days/weeks/months that are relevant to your business, key business dates and events.


It is vital that you extend the human to human element to all areas of your marketing. This, of course, includes email campaigns, direct mailings, and social media advertising. We all receive a sea of emails into our inboxes on a daily basis – how are you going to make sure your business’ stands out? When it comes to social media, algorithms are making updates from friends and family a priority. What are you going to do to ensure your updates are sought after and shared out?

With all marketing avenues, you cannot rely on a ‘one size fits all’ approach.   Do your research. Look at the analytics. What information have you gained from engaging with your customers? Give them what they want based on their interaction with your business. Use this data to personalise your campaigns and advertising to give your customers what they want. The result will be happy and loyal customers that convert.

Make this year the year you invest in understanding further the needs of your customers and incorporate the human to human element in your marketing strategy.

If you need assistance formulating a strategy, carrying out consumer research behaviour or helping with your social media campaigns, please get in touch with the team.