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How to host a successful tweetchat

For those of you who are not sure what we mean by ‘tweetchats’, these are networking sessions held on twitter using a # to discuss topics or share knowledge. 

So for those who are looking to start or host your own ‘tweetchats’, here are some ideas, recommendations and considerations to ensure that your tweetchats are a success.

Who is your tweetchat meant for? 

Before you start, as always you need to consider your target audience. 

  • Who is your tweetchat for? 
  • Is it for industry specialists to share best practice? 
  • Regionally based businesses to network? 
  • Alternatively, to educate people that are interested in a certain topic? 

Who are you trying to rally to get involved?


This is key. 

  • When will your target audience or peers be able to ‘attend’? 
  • During the working day? 
  • Lunchtime 
  • The evening? 

As you can imagine the evening is swamped with networking tweetchats, but is often a time that business owners and freelancers can attend free from distraction (unless Bake Off is on). Weekdays are also ideal for small business owners and freelancers that can steal half an hour to an hour to network with their peers or the local community. Both times and options have their pro’s and con’s, you are either competing to take a slice of their “private time” or “work time”.

How long?

Tweetchats range from 30 mins to 1 hour (usually) and depending on whom you ask in the office, we all have our preference. The 30 minutes tweet chats seem to be fast and furious with fewer drop-offs. The longer hour sessions mean that people can drop in and out throughout and you have more opportunities to scoop up new participants along the way.

The question you need to ask yourself is how much time do you have to host a tweetchat? You can always increase the length of time if the audience wants you to.

 The prep!

Some tweetchats we attend have little or no prep. A few tweets reminding people about the event, but nothing more than that. The best ones we attend put in some prep, and because of that, they are useful, engaging and fun!

So we recommend doing the following:
  • If you are regularly holding this tweetchat, get a Twitter ID and set up a Facebook page in the Tweetchats name. This way it is clear who people need to follow, and within the information, you can make it clear the expectations.
  • Add the event on Facebook, invite the right people and share it into related groups. You want people to come, right?
  • Schedule updates throughout the week reminding people (tagging in those that you know will help you spread the word), or that you are inviting to come.
  • Send out an email campaign. If you have a database, let them know about the tweetchat you are holding and why it will be invaluable for them to attend – taking into account GDPR of course.
  • Prep the topics and questions. Not all people like to have to ‘think on the back foot’, especially when the tweetchat is only half an hour. So, have the questions prepared to ensure that you get the most engagement possible. People who we feel would be prepped on the topic, may have some answers ready and are then more able to carry out further conversations from it. Pin these questions to your Twitter profile, Facebook page and share them in the event.
  • Like and RT every answer! When the tweetchat is happening, make sure that you credit everyone that has answered your Q’s with some exposure! The more you do that, the more people will start to join in. If you get the chance to, encourage people to explain their answers further.
  • When the tweetchat is complete why not round it up in a blog, then email it out to say thanks and prep for the next one coming.

 It sounds like a lot of work, doesn’t it?

It can be. So we recommend having guest hosts that can do some of this for you. Have a rotation of people with different topics, questions and specialisms who can make your tweetchats stand out for the rest, all while taking some of the administrative strain from you.


To discuss how tweetchats may work for you, please feel free to give us a call on 01256 641921 or
book a 1-2-1 consultation with one of our social media specialists to get your tweetchat planned and ready to go.


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