Goal Conversions. What? Why? How?

Website Goal Conversions are supremely important if you are concerned with measuring the ROI of your website. They’re also pretty darn important if you’re serious about digital growth and understanding your lead generation hot spots. As usual I’m going to start this blog with some assumptions, those being:

  • You have Google Analytics set up on your website
  • You know what you want to achieve on your site
  • You have clear actions on your site that you’d like to measure
  • You know what these conversions mean to your business in terms of value

Goal Conversions. What?

Where Google Analytics is concerned a ‘goal’ is a measured action on your site where a user interacts with your content. This can include a button click, resource download, item purchased, form completion, newsletter sign up etc. Once your visitor completes an action, this is recognised by Google Analytics and recorded within your data as a goal conversion.

[bctt tweet=”“Goals measure how well your site or app fulfills your target objectives. A goal represents a completed activity, called a conversion, that contributes to the success of your business.” GOOGLE ” username=”typefacegroup”]

Goal Conversions. Why?

he primary reason to set goal conversions on your site is to measure the ROI of your digital marketing activities. It also allows you to understand ‘cost per conversion’ so you can track back and understand the your best value marketing efforts… and then do more of what works for you.

[bctt tweet=”“Mapping out what your business goals and objectives are is the first step towards creating data that Matters.” Source: Loves Data” username=”typefacegroup”]


An average business may, on a quarterly basis run a social media advertising across multiple platforms, write guest blogs on high profile sites, send customer emails and run their own content strategy producing optimised blogs on a bi-weekly basis.

At the end of the quarter you can look at your goal conversions (to keep it simple) for contact form completion. For this example, let’s say there were 120 goal conversions – what makes the information valuable is that you can filter by acquisition which will highlight the most effective channels, and more importantly the best value channels.

Activity Cost of Activity Conversions Cost per Conversion
LinkedIn Ad £300 20 £15
Twitter Management £450 10 £45
Guest Blog FREE 20 £0
Organic Traffic (includes Blogs & SEO) £600 70 £8.50


What activity would you choose? Probably a healthy combination of the lot as you must remember, the conversion will not be the sum of the value of each activity, there’s brand awareness, positioning, customer touchpoints, quality of the leads and more to consider.  

You can, of course, calculate the ROI of activity by tracking back any sales to the conversion point.

Learn from Failure.

Probably a little harsh – but look at the elements on your site that aren’t converting. When you have set up goal conversions that remain inactive, it gives you a great opportunity to look at your proposition on the front-end. Is the page getting traffic? What is the bounce rate? Is the CTA or conversion opportunity clear both in terms of messaging & design. It might be that quite simply your audience doesn’t want what’s on offer.

Of course, if you choose to change up elements surrounding the conversion opportunity, keep an eye on the impact that this has on your conversion rate to see if your efforts pay off.

Goal Conversions. How?

We’ll leave this one to the experts because there is no better explanation out there.

If you need help creating goals on your site or are interested in creating an integrated campaign to drive relevant traffic to your site, you know where we are.

We look forward to hearing from you. In the meantime, we recommend taking a look at our blog, which is full of marketing insight and guidance. 


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