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Facebook Reactions For B2B – How to Encourage Your Audience To 🧡 You

You may have seen articles flying about on how ‘Facebook Reactions’ are no longer treated as equals in the engagement stakes.

In a recent update, the original ‘like’ (thumbs up) is not as much of an engagement cue as the other ‘Facebook Reactions’ (Love, WOW, Laugh, Angry Sad). So the key is to encourage your audience to use the newer more emotive reactions over the thumbs up. The end result being more organic reach for your page… in other words you’ll show up in front of more people. 

But how?

In the B2B world, it is often hard to muster any response, let alone a heart or a “LOL’ing” reaction so what can be done?

The obvious answer is to start producing content that will require your audience to respond with a strong emotion. This would be something that would incite anger or sadness, shock or awe. And while this seems a simple answer, the truth is most businesses want to stay away from topics that would do such a thing.

So how can a B2B business encourage their audience to use Facebook Reactions?

The easiest answer is to find a provocative angle!

There I said it….  B2B companies often share ‘safe’ content; we can’t all be as interesting and engaging as a jar of Nutella or an Innocent Smoothie. You are not going to find many people chatting about B2B services on the weekend with their mates. Unless they all work in industry, or are at a works ‘do’ that inevitably ends up as an informal meeting. It is just one of life’s truths.

So how do you make your B2B business ‘unboring’ enough to get a Facebook Reaction?

  • Don’t just talk about yourself directly.
    Look at the people you do work with; clients or partners and how your business has enriched their offering. Appeal to the curious nature of humans that want to know who you work with and what their problem was before you came along and how you solved it.  If this doesn’t get a heart or awe reaction from those who were involved then what will?
  • People.
    Stories of people from within the company often gain Facebook Reactions. Is it someone’s milestone work anniversary? (awe) Has someone had a baby? (heart) Promotion? (awe). Did the work football team win something at last? (laugh)  or not? (laugh, sadness or anger). Adding real-life human stories of people within your business not only shows you care but will help enhance your companies profile to future employees and clients.
  • Stats and facts.
    Are there any hard hitting stats and facts about your industry that would get a Facebook Reaction? Most likely reactions to be used are the awe or anger, depending on what you are sharing.
  • Give value.
    If you give something your often receive something in return. Be useful, helpful, kind and, more importantly, have an opinion.

Just remember, when trying anything new on social media:

  • Keep inline with your brand guidelines. If it doesn’t fit your brand, don’t do it.
  • Have your target audience in mind.
  • Analyse what has worked and what hasn’t.

So what are you going to post to get your Facebook fans reacting?


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