2020 Over & Out

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The one with the pandemic, podcast & pivot. A business round-up.

This year four major things have changed/developed for TFG – so here’s our annual round-up, a summary of office hours and a little something about our chosen charity.


Early this year we switched from being known as The Typeface Group to TFG. Our website & registered business name remains the same, but our branding has changed. It must be official; we got lanyards. We’ve had lots of comments on this – mainly that it makes sense & suits us better.

Interested to hear your thoughts as a soft/partial rebrand is kind of against all the rules.


  • Some random company owns tfg.co.uk, and we haven’t had time to look into that – it’s on the list for 2021
  • Thetypefacegroup has a nice domain authority & associated traffic – so we don’t want to lose that equity. Think of all the redirects!
  • We’ve been a bit busy as it goes BUT had to get signage for our new office & went with the new look rather than replace at a later date (this is when we felt we needed a 1400 sq foot office FFS).


In February we launched our TFG-2 Min read email series. We cover new & emerging marketing trends and changes, as well as specifics covering all aspects of tactical marketing from email to SEO. With almost 1000 engaged readers, we’ll certainly be continuing to produce these little pockets of info on a bi-weekly basis as we move into the new year.

“I love these 2-minute reads as it gives you quick snippets, but there is always something to suit all angles.”

Joshua McGhee | Marketing & Corporate Event Manager
Wellington Country Park


With Pivot being almost as overused as unprecedented this year, we quickly noted a requirement for a website product that meets best practice and can scale and speed. Perfect for startups or entrepreneurs and established businesses that require a scalable site to support a new venture. Read more here.

“I worked with TFG to develop my new website as a part of a complete rebrand, using the Startup offering, and I can’t recommend them enough. I have an existing website but wanted to transition to my new brand, and this was the perfect solution: cost-effective, quick & flexible. Really pleased with the results and excited to build on it.”

Nancy Hyne | Owner, Founder
True Horizon


Just launched & as yet UNNAMED our podcast will be back (and more polished) in the New Year.

It’s easy to become overwhelmed with what to invest your time and energy in from a marketing perspective, especially in such changeable times. We aim to get under the hood of tactical marketing with actionable advice, insights and an anti-jargon approach. Each episode will be a maximum of 20 minutes and aims to help business owners, in-house marketers and marketing decision-makers find some clarity.

Episode 1 is a rework on a presentation that Polly gave earlier in the year at Basingstoke Business Matters; this episode takes you through everything you need to know about Practical Planning for Marketing Comms.

Listen on all major platforms HERE.


Instead of client gifts, we have chosen to donate to a local charity St Michaels Hospice, who have been devastated by the events of this year. We donated with heartfelt thanks and deep gratitude for all they have done and continue to do. We have received a letter back, saying that our donation will cover 20 hours of nursing for an inpatient. I am sure you can all agree that is priceless.

You can donate HERE.


We are closing the (virtual) office on Wednesday 23rd December and will reopen on Monday 4th January 2021.

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