Email marketing is a core activity of most businesses, but are you using yours as effectively as possible? 

Email may seem like it hasn’t changed in years, but in reality, it never stands still. 


System audit, sending practices, data flow, IP set-up, email design

We’ll look at your current system, and provide an in-depth evaluation of your sending practices, data flow, IP setup, email design and so much more. We’ll then give you a list of email marketing recommendations to action.


Email set-up, hand-coded designs, automation, system process. 

Are you running a business with customers falling out the funnel all the time? Or is your business struggling to keep an audit trail and manage new clients? Transactional emails and email automation flows could be the perfect answer. 

Often hand-coded and highly personalised, these emails are designed for one individual but sent on a trigger. For example, if you had a customer sign up for a webinar, you could send an automated email with a calendar invite, and then a week before, send a reminder with an agenda. 

It can help to streamline your overall marketing activities and keep customers engaged while providing key information for clients and customers.


Design, automation, campaign creation, reporting.

Have you been sending email to your database before but struggle to maintain a good sending pattern? We can assist with this and can create automation workflows and send newsletters to your databases and maintain IP health and SenderScore. 

This can also be pulled in as part of your ongoing marketing activities to support social media, SEO services, blogging and even our design services to launch a new brand or service.


Software set up, list management, design, website integration, training. 

Want to get started with email marketing but not sure what to do? Have a database of people who are opted-in to receive email but you don’t know what to send them? After an initial discovery meeting, our team will create a three-month plan to get you and your team set up with email. We can recommend software depending on your needs and also do basic training on how to use the software. Book a call to speak to one of our team about this today.



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Re-engagement emails and updates regarding the work you do are worth their weight in gold. Let’s learn more about them!

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