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We’re seeing a growing requirement for improved productivity and online customer experience. This can be achieved by elevating your e-commerce emails.

Working with WooCommerce. 

Using the Mailjet WordPress Plugin your email expert can easily overwrite existing WooCommerce e-commerce emails. The end result, over and above improved design is the improved deliverability. You can also sync all contacts that opt-in straight over to your Mailjet contact lists. Its GDPR compliant and it’s free!

Impressive ROI.

Don’t miss the opportunity of staying in touch with the people who purchase from you. By capturing their attention at purchase, you can improve your ROI in email by two to five times. (Experian). Consider adding the below to your order confirmation:

  • Refer a friend
  • Discount for further purchases
  • Link to a product review
  • Terms & conditions link
  • FAQ
  • Social channels to encourage engagement

Keeping an eye on your data.

By using the Mailjet for WordPress plugin, you can route all e-commerce emails sent from your website through it, meaning that you can see better results and maintain a sending volume, all of which contributes to better sending domain health.

If you can see that your order confirmation email is often opened but with no clicks, add some richer content to the mix as suggested above. As always, you can work with your data to improve your customer experience. Knowledge is power, and having data on your side gives you the chance to optimise your email program.

Consider your customer journey.

Transactional emails can often get marked as spam. These emails could hold vital information, so you want them to meet best practice with maximum deliverability. You can read some tips on better B2B & B2B emails here.

What about Shopify?

If you’re on a Shopify site, their system can easily be optimised using custom code elements and layouts. These help to personalise your emails, making them unique to your business and most importantly your customer experience.

When A talks to B.

Don’t forget you can link almost anything together with Zapier, something we use a lot. It’s a no-code site that creates secure links between platforms. If you’ve got a platform you’re set on using, chances are we can work into that.

A long list of benefits.

Basically, whatever you use, we can find a way to work with you for better results. A summary of the benefits are:

  • increased productivity
  • improved customer experience
  • more streamlined customer engagement
  • fewer missed opportunities to engage
  • better data insights
  • more consistent communications
  • automation to help during your busiest times

If you need help with sending better e-commerce emails, from setting up to audit and improvement of existing systems, we can help. It’s safe to say having been around the block with various email platforms, we love Mailjet the best – click the link and enjoy a free trial.  


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