10 Ways to rejuvenate your digital comms

Having covered how to refocus and refresh your brand, it is time to rejuvenate your digital communications. 

In this blog, we cover ten ways to give your digital communications that boost.


Digital communications” does not always mean the messages that you are sending out to draw in your audience. It also encompasses (and should start with) your most static and consistent digital tool… your website.

1/ Copy

Having refreshed your brand and refocused your marketing activities, your website copy should reflect the outcome. Take a considered approach. Try not to assume to know what you*think* your customers want to read. Do your research. Before investing time and budget, get feedback from your existing clients about the current copy. What they like, don’t understand, what is missing and then make a plan. Look at your analytics to see which call to actions produced clicks, and what content is most popular.

If you put this prep work in, when you come to start rewriting, ensure that your copy it is keyword rich, presented in bite-sized chunks and encourages action.

2/ Imagery

A picture speaks a thousand words. So if your visuals do not marry your messaging, you are going to have confused visitors. First impressions really do count, and people do eat with their eyes, so invest in some strong photography and graphic design that illustrates your businesses offering.

When people hear information, they’re likely to remember only 10% of that information three days later. However, if a relevant image is paired with that same information, people retained 65% of the information three days later.… Click To Tweet

3/ UX

So the site sounds great, looks great, but doesn’t load quickly or tell the visitor what they need to do! User experience (UX) is paramount to conversions. Over complicating what should be a simple customer journey will not only frustrate the user but search engines as well. Don’t over-engineer your site, be obvious and make your customers lives as simple as possible.


Social media is often seen as the pinnacle of digital communications as it is the platform that allows that free-flowing 2-way communication at any time of day between a business and its customers. Thus, by reviewing and updating each platform regularly, you can give your social output lease of life.

4 / Profiles

Reviewing your profiles should be a regular ‘housekeeping’ task. Ensuring that your profile is up to date, is essential.

Social Profile Top Tips
  • Tell the visitor in as fewer words as possible who you are and what you do how they can contact you and where the link leads them to.
  • Where possible offer them an incentive to click, i.e. for your FREE website performance and SEO audit click here!
  • Don’t forget to take advantage of your cover image. This is the most underutilised space on social platforms which can be used to reinforce who you are and what you do. 

5 / Visuals

In this ever-increasing visual world, and phones that take sharper images than most camera’s, there is not excuse for grainy images! Where possible use images that are bespoke to you, and on brand. You want everything you do to cohesively push your brand message whether it is the written word, a video, graphics or photo. Going live is also a growing method of engaging with your audience, and is more forgiving to being less edited and more ‘raw’.


of consumers would rather watch
a video to learn about a product,
than read text on a page.


of consumers have been convinced
to make a purchase after watching
a brand’s video.


of consumers have watched an
explainer video to learn about a
product or service. Source

6/ Human approach

Nothing breeds loyalty more than being  ‘human’ on social media. There is a place for broadcast feeds…the news for example, but when it comes to growing a business, having a person at the end of your social feeds is invaluable. Beyond the company’s main feeds, employees are the most natural way to add human interaction to your social media. Branded employee feeds, advocating your brand, talking to people is priceless. Read more about employee advocacy here.


Adding regular and relevant content to your website is imperative if you want to keep your audience coming back for more.. They also give you the opportunity to reinforce your brand’s position, expertise and stance in the industry.

7 / Research

Adding content to your site should not be done blindly. By looking at what has been successful in the past can help you reap awards in the future. However, there are also other ways to work out what your audience wants. If you have a sizable following…ask them! If you happen to know someone that is SEO savvy *coughs* ask for some keyword research to be carried out on the topics you blog about. Look at national days and events that are coming up and be topical at the right times. There are many ways to ensure that your content is relevant at the right times and for the right reason.

8 / Valuable Information

The phase of merely blogging for SEO reasons has well and truly passed. Search engines favour relevant, well-written, non-salesy content over keyword-stuffed tripe. So if you have researched what your audience is looking for and then write it, you please the audience as well as the search engines.


Adding regular and relevant content to your website is imperative if you want to keep your audience coming back for more.. They also give you the opportunity to reinforce your brand’s position, expertise and stance in the industry.


With GDPR looming (25th of May people) it is fair to say that everyone is trying to get his or her heads around what email communications will look like from that date. In my opinion, they will be more successful. Why? The data, in most instances, will be cleansed and, for a while, the emails will be more considered. Saying that, looking at the data and segmenting your communications based on services or products and the people that are hanging on after the 25th is only going to improve that further.


While segmentation is partly personalising the experience, you cannot say that having your name, or reminder of your loyalty points, and not forgetting a happy birthday offer does not go some way to encouraging you to purchase? Even when you know what the sender is doing, you are more likely to click to see what they are offering you in return for you buying from them. Taken from a sample of 500 SaleCycle clients, the results show that by using the recipient’s name in the subject yielded the highest open rate.


We look forward to hearing from you. In the meantime, we recommend taking a look at our blog, which is full of marketing insight and guidance. 


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