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Reasons to create content and give it away for FREE

When money talks, why would we give anything away for free? That’s not how we pay the bills. Yet, in digital communications, it’s becoming pretty commonplace to carefully create content and then share it for free. This content could be in the form of an instructional video on YouTube, an informative blog (we love those) or a handy little infographic. But, why create content like this and how do you get a return on your investment. In a world where content is king, content marketing reigns supreme. In fact, statistics show that content marketing not only costs 62% less than outbound marketing but that it also yields three times as many leads.

Here’s some more compelling reasons for why you should create content and share it without charging a penny.Drive traffic to your website

Drive traffic to your website

One of the most common forms of sharable content are blogs, which are a great way to point people to your website. You will get up the Google rankings if you create content which regularly updates your website. Make sure it is keyword rich and optimised to please Google as well as helping your audience find it with ease. Blogs do all of this and more. This will help people to find your website and lead to those all-important click throughs.

Boost brand awareness

We all scroll through our phones looking for a bit of easy entertainment. Last year, we spent an average of four hours every day on our phones. Get a slice of that action – create content which is simple, fun or anything which sits nicely with your brand identity. Innocent smoothies are the undisputed champions of online comedy who create content which regularly reaches thousands in order to sell smoothies – genius.

Positively add to your corporate identity

Create content as a marketing opportunity to demonstrate the unique selling points of your brand against your competitors. Show off your specialist knowledge, skills and expertise in an informal yet informative manner. The world is your oyster when it comes to what to create and share. A study conducted by Ipsos showed that 61% of online sharers share interesting things, 43% share funny things and 29% share unique content. Create content which allows you to try these out for yourself and see what works best with your audiences.

Create content for conversions

The bottom line of any business is how much money they make. Research has shown that 73% of major organisations hire someone to look after their content marketing strategy. So, there does need to be return on that investment. A well-established, trustworthy and credible brand is something that people will want to buy into. Create content and your potential customers will trust that you are a knowledgeable thought leader within your chosen area – be that about bananas or beauty products. If you create content and put it out there for free, it helps to earn support and long-term brand loyalty. It’s much more effective than an ad proclaiming ‘buy now’ – in fact, 61% of consumers said they would be more likely to buy from a company which produced custom content.

Create content but remember the golden rule is not to give away everything for free. Give people a little taste of what they can get from you but without giving the whole game away. Use it as a way in for supplementary content or services, such as a webinar, an ebook or a training course. Create content to start the conversation and take it forward for conversions – which could be data capture, sales, registrations or (paid) downloads.

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