• Please leave blank if you don't have one yet.
  • What industry is your business in?
  • What marketing elements do you need help with?
  • Explain who you are first, then explain what you do. For example, “we are a factory… we are a shop… we are a website… we are a software development team…” then “we manufacture phone handsets, we develop apps for the android platform, we sell bicycles, etc” Avoid buzzwords or business-speak (e.g. “we provide solutions”, “we enable companies to leverage their investment and generate increased ROI” etc).
  • For example, “the bicycles we sell from our online shop get you from place to place faster than walking, but cost less than a car, and are better for the environment! Best of all, we deliver!”
  • For example, to attract new customers, retain old customers, make your brand sound more modern, enable you to charge higher prices by positioning yourselves as a ‘premium’ product, etc.
  • What is your USP (unique selling point)? (i.e. something your competitors can’t provide). Do you have an evidence to support your claims?
  • Let’s be clear about what you want. If you don’t know that is OK too, we can take the rest of your answers combined with your objectives and will devise a plan. e.g • New Business Branding • 12 page brochure, copy & design • Static 5 page website [pages] • Full social media support • SEO support
  • Provide links to their websites and social media account information if available.
  • For example, age, income, company size, job title, location, interests, political affiliation, choice of newspaper, gender -- anything that can help identify the reader. e.g. “Our clients are typically aged 30-40, have £1000 to spend, are university educated, female, interested in the arts and the environment, liberal, iPhone users, married but don’t have children, etc”
  • For example, if you supply beauty products to high street stores, you might also want to supply them to spa owners as well – they’re not your main audience, but it’s worth considering them in the copy. Ask yourself – is there anyone else’s business you wouldn’t mind targeting?
  • A conversion goal is anything you want your website to achieve. o It could be an enquiry about your product by phone or email… o A sign up to your site or subscription to your newsletter o A click-through to another site o More comments on your blog or inbound links from other sites (“linkbait”)
  • For example, increased brand awareness, greater number of purchases by under-25s, website (and copy) featured on another prominent site, etc.
  • Conversational? Friendly? Formal? Professional? Educational? Funny? Light-hearted?
  • For example, Steve Jobs, Barack Obama, Don Draper, A 37 year old man in a suit, a 27 year old hipster, a teenage girl with pigtails, a Mercedes Benz driver, Al Pacino in Scarface, the sort of person who always wears a watch, etc
  • e.g. short, concise, headline-driven, imagery, social media tone
  • e.g. too technical, too pushy, too long, too boring, etc


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