Getting more event exposure

With great events comes significant opportunity.

The vibrant business landscape of North Hampshire means that there is always a full calendar of business events from networking to expos, awards and launches.

From a marketing perspective, you should be promoting your attendance (or ownership) of the event both on and offline from the moment it is booked to gain maximum exposure.

Show your good side.

Make sure that your headshots across all platforms are up to date. LinkedIn has gone on the record to say that your profile is 14 x more likely to be viewed if you have a professional headshot. In recent studies, up to 90% of human resources people report they check out social media profiles, especially LinkedIn and Facebook, before inviting a candidate in for an interview.


Using all of your existing social platforms connect with official event accounts, key event personnel and fellow exhibitors, sponsors and finalists. Be part of the conversation. Find the influencers within this community, build a rapport, and share key messages from the official account. Your engagement here should be authentic – get involved in the right events for you, and your social media output will naturally be more engaging.

TIP. Twitter: follow, like, list and connect with sponsors & exhibitors. A twitter list will help you quickly see what is happening within the event community so you can share content to encourage reciprocal engagement. Instagram: follow the # and engage with others that use it.

Every well-managed event has a #. Monitor this and use it in every update relevant to the event. Watch out for opportunities to engage with like-minded exhibitors, sponsors and visitors.

TIP: By using a 3rd party app such as Hootsuite you can monitor # across twitter.

Talk Talk.

Events and specifically awards evenings create a fantastic opportunity to network. See the event as a chance to speak to a captive audience about your business and your unique offering. If you are lucky enough to become a finalist at an awards ceremony or if you are asked to speak at an event, you’ll have instant credibility. If there is an event programme, make sure you take the opportunity to include your company details. Don’t forget to bring business cards with you on the night and have a good look at the table plan to see who you want to target to chat with during the event.

Invite your Tribe.

You can be the key to getting people to the event! By sharing the content from the official feeds, networking with other exhibitors and attendees, you are doing a lot for the event. Being a sponsor of an event can be very rewarding if you take advantage of the opportunity. Networking with exhibitors, finalists, attendees and the event itself online can give your brand massive exposure.

TIP. If people are engaging with you on social media, invite them to talk to you in person at this event or give them the link to register. Pre-event social media activity is a great chance to network and make informal introductions.

Reuse & Recycle.

Re-share the photos of the event. #throwbackthursday and #flashbackfriday is a great chance to do that. Share pictures of the day in an album on Facebook a day or two later, as well on Twitter, Instagram and relevant groups on LinkedIn. Tag the hosts and people you have met that could lead (keep them warm).

Follow Up.

Tweet any new contacts almost immediately to say it was ‘nice to meet you’. Like their business page on Facebook (as your page AND YOU) and post on their wall, or message the page privately. Connect on LinkedIn, send them a personalised invite to connect, and follow their company page on LinkedIn. Follow on Instagram as well and start to engage with their photos and stories.

The Typeface Group are partners of Hampshire Pride, Winchester Cocktail week and have been attendees of many business events over the years. The team are looking forward to attending more events in the region over the coming months, so you can watch us practice what we preach.


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