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The Luxury Fashion Buyer – The Most Under Utilised Brand Advocates By Luxury Clothing Brands

As a luxury clothing brand, you might believe the only way to get your brand to be seen as ‘high-end’ is to recruit a famous person as a brand advocate and drape them in your gorgeous wares… this is no longer the case.

Customers are wise to marketing tactics and now want to see what real people that come in contact with your goods think. But before we delve into the potential that a luxury clothing brand could have with a fashion buyer let’s explain what a brand advocate is:

Brand advocates are third-party individuals that wax-lyrical about your brand!

1 in 4 Luxury buyers post about fashion.

Did you know that a quarter of buyers have posted something online relating to clothing in the last month? [source]

For the world of fashion the visual platform, Instagram, is precisely where most of the magic happens. As of right now, Instagram has over 800 million monthly active users, that’s 100 million more from April 2017. [source]

Instagram is where you will find most high-end clothing brands and luxury fashion buyers promoting the goods that they are willing to put in their stores. Brands like Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Prada are all on the platform promoting their business.

Luxury fashion buyers – the new luxury brand advocates!

They are the voice of tomorrow’s trend. Luxury fashion buyers only want the best products to be in their store and it is their jobs to deliver. So their opinions count! This is what audiences of luxury goods are looking for. This honest feedback from brand advocates that buy for their favourite shopping outlets should be a no-brainer for luxury fashion brands.

Not only will fashion buyers share their opinions via social media, they will interact with followers, unlike most celebrities. Luxury fashion buyers are effective brand advocates that will influence people to purchase more so than a famous person who lives a completely different lifestyle and is often paid to promote the product.

More genuine and cost-effective than a celebrity

44% of luxury buyers promote products merely because they love the brand, and a similar figure would do so in exchange for rewards like future discounts. [source]

Forget having to fork out thousands for false celebrity brand promotion. The appreciation for good, high-quality products encourages high-end fashion buyers to talk about you.

Having a genuine lover of the brand promote your products will encourage your audience more so than someone who, in layman’s terms, has been ‘brought’ to do so.

Luxury brands can no longer rely on their name alone

It is time to involve the audience and give them a reason more than status to purchase your luxury items. Here are some stats to get your teeth into:

  • 54% of shoppers said they often or always research on a mobile device before making a luxury purchase.
  • 66% of affluent internet users research online before making a purchase.
  • 21% use luxury blogs to make up their mind.

Who will you rely on to promote your brand? There’s no time to keep up with the Kardashians; it’s time to get the fashion buyers on board!

The landscape of luxury brands & their consumers

Luxury brands always seem to be ahead of the game and have flourished, with people purchasing a luxury product as an investment. Until the last couple of years.

Claudia D’Arpizio, a partner at Bain, was quoted in 2016 saying:

“More and more consumers are questioning the real value of luxury good brands”

As the new affluent generations come through, they are less reluctant to buy ‘things’ and are looking to buy ’experiences’ or items that are aligned with their values. For examples brands that are vegan-friendly, have a strong CSR or source their materials ethically. They are looking to buy luxury products that make them ‘feel’ good. They want brands that connect with them on an emotional level. It is no longer just about the name!

A recent report by Deloitte on the luxury goods marketing has stated:

“Engaging with the new luxury consumer is an opportunity for companies to move the conversation on from price and status, to a deeper connection focused on experience and the feelings that luxury products can evoke in their purchasers”

So what is your next move? Hopefully, you’ll start looking for genuine brand advocates that can converse with your target audience and help promote your brand.


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