13.1 Ways to promote your charity before, during & after a sporting event!

Some of you may be aware that Team TFG (and Friends) took part in the Basingstoke Half Marathon on Sunday 2nd October (2016).

It was ‘interesting’ to say the least with one or two hills. But the whole team finished and had raised a lot of money for Victoria’s Promise in the process.

With this in mind and us never missing an opportunity to write a blog, we have put together 13.1 ways to promote your charity and the fundraising team at sporting events!


1. Follow the event organisers and engage with them EVERYWHERE. This will increase your exposure for your charity as well as the event itself.
2. Use their hashtag! If they don’t have a hashtag, start one that is specific to your charity. Then ask your fundraisers to use it when sharing their training.
3. Encourage your fundraisers to share as much of their progress and training on social media as possible. Then share it to support them, the charity and the event!
4. Offer training and nutritional tips in the hope that your fundraisers will share them.
5. Share fundraising tips encouraging your fundraisers to try different ways to get those donations.
6. Blog about the event, interview some or all the fundraisers then share, share and share some more.
7. If the fundraisers have a real story, support them with PR. Any coverage can then be shared to promote the charity. It all helps with making relationships with those journalists.


8. Before photos, FB live, Twitter, Instagram Stories, TikTok do it all! A team photo, as well as sharing activities before the event starts, will not only give the fundraisers and event organiser’s something to share. It will sow the seed in those participants that might want to support your charity in the future.
9. Encourage your fundraisers to do the same. Using the appropriate hashtags of course!
10. Have people along the route that can post social media updates and photos of the fundraisers as they pass key points of the course. This will encourage even more engagement from their supporters as well as the fundraisers when they finish.
11. Catch your fundraisers coming through the finish line.


12. Blog about and share photos from the day.
13. Thank the fundraisers for their efforts, with tips on how to recover.
13.1 Most importantly, throughout the process, have fun!


Energise your marketing activity for your next event.


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